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Klibanoff Eye Associates Q: A: degeneration, pterygium (abnormal growth), photokeratitis (sunburn of the eyes), and skin cancer around the eyes. Sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat are a great combination to protect your eyes and face from ultraviolet exposure. When purchasing sunglasses only about half of consumers check the UV protection level. Use only sunglasses that block out both UV-A and UV-B rays and that are labeled either UV400 or 100% UV protection. Make sure the frame ts close to your eyes and contours to the shape of your face. Wraparound sunglasses can help to block sunrays from entering from the side. Polarized lenses offer the comfort of reducing glare especially on the water. Photochromic lenses are lenses that are clear indoors and darken when exposed to sunlight. They offer a convenient way to protect your eyes outdoors from UV rays without having to carry around a pair of sunglasses. Dont forget that children need protection too! Make sure they wear sunglasses and hats whenever they are in the sun. Sunlight is strongest between late morning and early afternoon so limit exposure during that time. Also, clouds do not block UV light so sun damage to your eyes can occur at any time. Be sure to enjoy the summer sun safely while protecting your vision! We hope you found this answer useful and informative. We will be answering questions submitted monthly. If you have a question youd like to see answered, email it to Info@KlibanoffEye.com. Please follow us on social media! Facebook.com/KlibanoffEye and Instagram @KlibanoffEye How can I protect my eyes from the sun during the summer? You use sunscreen to protect your skin from UV damage, but you must also remember to protect your eyes. Over time, harmful effects of UV exposure can increase the risk of developing cataracts, macular 55 Broad Street Pawtucket, RI 401-723-3400