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It's My Health Wellcare Collaborative What are the bene ts of medicinal mushrooms? Mushrooms are the original superfood. Ancient cultures used them for food and health. In the modern era we have learned why they are so good for us; because they support every body system, from brain and nerves to energy to skin cells, as well as our natural immunity. From a DNA perspective, mushrooms are more closely related to humans than to plants. That might explain why many of the components in mush- rooms that help them defend themselves may also help our immune systems when we consume them. Mushroom bene ts: Contain beta glucans components important for immunity by increasing the activity and effectiveness of natural killer cells that ght viruses, cancers and environmental assaults on the body Contain enzymes that help assimilate nutrients from the foods we eat Contain natural prebiotics that feed the friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract Provide antioxidants that ght free radicals in the body Reduce systemic in ammation (the cause of many diseases) Improve stress and fatigue Medicinally speaking, there are a number of great mushrooms. The most commonly known ones are: Cordyceps for energy, breathing, muscles and libido Reishi for stress and cardiovascular and liver support Lions Mane for memory and nerve support (re-myelination of nerves) Maitake (also known as hen of the woods) for healthy blood sugar support Chaga for antioxidant and gastrointestinal support Turkey Tail for digestive, liver and immune support Although all common mushrooms are good food (white button, Portobello, chanterelles, oyster, etc.), medicinal mushrooms are not usually cooked and added to recipes, instead, they are taken in supplement form; in capsules or liquid tinctures. Include mushroom supplements for a healthy life! 1099 Mendon Road Cumberland, RI (401) 305-3585 Q: A: