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Hunter Insurance GUARANTEED AUTO PROTECTION Anyone who nances or leases a vehicle should be well aware of the fact that automobiles depreciate as soon as they are driven off the dealers lot. Because a vehicle is worth less than its purchase price if it is totaled in an accident, a consumer may owe more on his or her loan than the vehicle is worth. This circumstance, known as being upside-down in a loan, is quite common among consumers who put relatively little down on loans with long payment terms. To solve this problem, consumers may purchase guaranteed auto replacement (GAP) insurance, which covers the difference between a cars cash value when totaled and the amount vehicle owners still owe their lenders. If your car is totaled in an accident within a certain time after you buy it, new car replacement insurance will pay for the full replacement cost of a brand-new car thats the same make and model as the one you had. To learn more about auto replacement insurance, please call HUNTER INSURANCE, INC. at 769-9500, or visit our agents at 389 Old River Rd.,Lincoln. As an independent Trusted Choice agency, we are able to choose from a group of reputable insurance companies and underwriters, offering superior coverage at a competitive price. NOTE: If you own your car free and clear or owe less on your loan than the car is worth, you do not need gap insurance.