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Hunter Insurance WHAT YOU DRIVE MATTERS When purchasing a vehicle, it pays to know that the type and size of the automobile you select will have some bearing on the cost to insure it. Vehicles that are more expensive to repair or replace will likely be more costly to insure, as will vehicles that are more likely to be stolen. According to the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI), which collects information on injury claims, collision repair costs, and theft rates by vehicle model, smaller coupes and sedans have higher injury claims than larger sedans, pickups, and SUVs. While some larger SUVs may cost relatively less to insure, others are more likely to be stolen. It pays to check. Car insurance rates arent subjective numbers made up by auto insurance providers; they are carefully thought-out calculations. Using your personal information and company claim data, car insurance companies use their own algorithms to make an educated guess on how likely you are to le a claim. For more information, please call HUNTER INSURANCE, INC. at 769-9500, or visit our agents at 389 Old River Rd., Lincoln. We are able to offer you superior coverage at a competitive price. We are celebrating our 30th anniversary this year! NOTE: Because insurance companies base their auto insurance rates on their own experiences, it pays to compare.