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Dental Arts Group E-CIGARETTES AS HARMFUL AS TOBACCO Not only can cigarette smoking lead to yellow and brown stains on teeth, but smokers are also more likely to produce bacterial plaque that leads to gum disease. And because smoking prevents oxygen from entering the blood stream, infected gums heal more slowly, resulting in in ammation and the likelihood of tooth loss worsening. While some may believe that e-cigarettes are a safer alternative to conventional cigarettes, new research shows that vaping subjects the oral environment to chemicals that pose as much of a health risk as cigarettes, if not more. E-cigarette liquids contain nicotine and other chemicals that damage cells in the mouth to the point where e-smokers are at a higher risk for gum disease, tooth loss, and cancer. Breaking (or better yet, never starting) the smoking habit now can greatly reduce your risk of losing your teeth as well as increase your chances of enjoying good health in the future. One of the most important things we can provide you with is education. Teaching you good oral hygiene, however, is only the rst part. The rest is up to you. Well help you keep an eye on your dental health beginning with a thorough oral exam at DENTAL ARTS GROUP. Call us at 401-521-3661 for an appointment at 1136 Hartford Ave., Johnston. New patients are always welcome. P.S. According to the study mentioned above, e-cigarette avoring appears to exacerbate the cell damage caused by e-cigarette vapor, with menthol- avored vapor posing the most harm.