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Dental Arts Group A HISTORY OF PREVENTIVE DENTAL CARE Current oral home-care practices date back thousands of years, as evidenced by the fact that toothpicks from 3,000 BC were found in present-day Iraq. In 355 BC, Hippocrates was the rst to recommend cleaning teeth with a dentifrice powder. One thousand years later, Arabian surgeon, Albucasis, was the rst to write about tartar formation. He also designed a set of 14 tooth scrapers (which preceded todays scalers). In 1819, Levi Spear Parmly recommended cleaning teeth with waxed silk (the precursor to dental oss). Then, in 1845, the American Journal of Dental Science prescribed cleaning the teeth with oss silk two or three times per day, which is the rst known reference to preventive dental hygiene in an American journal. Its so much easier to prevent a dental tragedy than have to treat it when it turns serious. Place your oral health in our capable hands at DENTAL ARTS GROUP, A Collaborative Practice Committed to Excellence. You can trust us to help you keep on top of a healthy dental pro le that will serve you well into your future. For routine dental maintenance visits to late-breaking emergencies, you can reach us at 401-521-3661. Were located at 1136 Hartford Ave., Johnston. P.S. In 1882, Willoughby D. Miller determined microorganisms cause dental decay and carries.