TOM WARD - Be grateful to sisters for Mercy land purchase

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First, I hope to see you Thursday night at 7 for a visit by family psychologist and national columnist John Rosemond. He’ll be at Lincoln Middle School, 152 Jenckes Hill Road. Tickets are $10. Mercy... more

ARLENE VIOLET - Is Columbus being scapegoated?

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Nary has a Columbus Day arrived each year without some protest of the holiday. In Providence, his statue was defaced with red paint. Now, I obviously don’t think that Columbus discovered America... more

Letters to the Editor

National Domestic Violence Awareness Month aims to ‘break the silence’

When we stay silent, domestic violence thrives. With 1 in 4 Rhode Islanders experiencing domestic violence in their lifetimes, and nearly 1 in 10 Rhode Island high schoolers reporting they have... more

Girls should learn more about their uniqueness

A young lady recently considered taking the Boy Scouts to court so she could apply for an Eagle Scout award like the one her brother had recently achieved. The girl argued that since the Girl Scouts... more

Scout appreciates fundraiser support

With the support of the North Smithfield community, I was able to raise over the $1,900 needed for my Eagle Project and was able to purchase two benches and a scorer’s table for the soon-to-be... more