TOM WARD - Trillo entry in governor’s raceassures sub-50% victor – again

Can there be a luckier woman than Gov. Gina Raimondo? Last week’s announcement that former Republican state Rep. Joe Trillo would run for governor next November as an independent (if it happens) sets... more

ARLENE VIOLET - McKee, Regunberg fight for soul of party

On Oct. 24, a candidate announced his campaign for lieutenant governor, but the race for that slot is more than a contest for a state-wide office. Rhode Island state Rep. Aaron Regunberg of... more

Letters to the Editor

Principals do take child abuse reports seriously

As leaders of the organization representing the K-12 school principals of Rhode Island, we are compelled to offer an alternative perspective on Arlene Violet’s commentary concerning how principals... more

Cullen: Lincoln Planning Board needs new blood

Thomas Jefferson once said that democracy needs a revolution every 20 years. In the case of our Lincoln Planning Board we have a member, Gerald Olean, who has been on the board for 20 years and keeps... more

Inaugural CEF Gala raises $12,000 for educational grants

Just a few weeks ago, the Cumberland Education Foundation (CEF) held its inaugural gala, with more than 200 guests in attendance. We raised nearly $12,000, which will be used to support grants to... more

Mom worries about adult kids during the holidays

How many of us have teenage and other children up to age 30? As the holidays approach, I am vexed by some of the decisions my “adult” children will make: drinking and driving, texting and driving... more

A golden rescue

Gold is a precious metal and is given as a symbol of a lasting gift. But what if that same gift becomes cold, hard, and painful? Rob Richards of AC Jewelers knows how to do both: help you give the... more

Clifford replies to Chamberland letter

Mr. David Chamberland of the N.S. Municipal Building Review Task Force (MBRTF) will not dissuade me from shining a light on the committee’s work by purposely distorting my statements in an attempt to... more

Homecoming makes for a happy holiday

This has got to have been the happiest Thanksgiving I have experienced in a long time. My brother and his wife graciously opened “the big white house on the hill” that has stood for many decades. My... more