MY LIFE - The furry blue cat house

Anyone who has ever visited my home could tell you that its style (and I use the term loosely) is eclectic, which is a euphemism for “nothing really matches.” For example, in the dining room the... more

THE RECIPE BOX - Not sure what to do with okra? Try frying it

SCITUATE – Barbara (Verity) Phinney lived most of her life in Cumberland – since age 5 – and it’s where she raised her two children, in the very house she grew up in. She learned to cook as a young... more

FILM UNFILTERED - Chan's stunt work still impressive in ‘The Foreigner’

HHH International film action star Jackie Chan has been entertaining audiences for decades. While he may not have the name recognition of a Bruce Willis, a Sylvester Stallone or Schwarzenegger here... more

TRADITIONAL PARENTING - Do the right thing

I am sometimes asked if I think the “parenting pendulum” is swinging back, however slowly, toward where it was 60+ years ago or at least toward a tolerable middle point. Before I answer the question... more

SMART MOVES - Tips for getting the best real estate agent

Are you intending to sell a home in a neighborhood where buyers have long outnumbered sellers, and properties have flown off the market in recent years? If so, you could be at risk for overconfidence... more