MY LIFE - Popcorn

Last Thursday evening as I was getting ready to hunker down in front of the TV to watch the Patriots play, I made a game-time decision of my own that involved popcorn. Unlike some family members... more

THE RECIPE BOX - Bacon-wrapped pork loin is a perfect fall meal

LINCOLN – I’m wondering, do people still do a big annual fall cleaning? As I look around my dining and living rooms, the hutch looks a little bit dull since I have not actually polished it since the... more

FILM UNFILTERED - Cooper and Gaga give Oscar-worthy performances in ‘A Star is Born’

HHHHH There have been three previous iterations of “A Star is Born” with the last version being in 1976 with Barbra Streisand. This week the film is updated with Bradley Cooper and popular singer... more

TRADITIONAL PARENTING - Parenting realities concerning effective discipline

PARENTING REALITY, PART ONE: It is all but inevitable that after rattling off a list of provocative, sociopathic stuff his or her child is doing and usually has been doing for quite some time, a... more