Abortion is not only about religion

Abortion is not only about religion

Lincoln physician Paula Carmichael shrewdly describes abortion as a religious issue (Valley Breeze, March 14-20, letter to the editor). Gov. Gina Raimondo even more craftily designates abortion as a matter of Catholic doctrine. Both of these women thus slyly remove abortion legislation from public discussion and make it an issue for believers only.

Abortion, of course, is not primarily a religious issue or a Catholic issue. Abortion is a crime that offends clearly against the natural law – a law written in the heart of mankind long before Moses accepted the Ten Commandments or Jesus Christ preached his Sermon on the Mount.

Stealing does not become wrong because the Ten Commandments condemn it; the Ten Commandments condemn it because it is patently wrong. Adultery is not wrong because Jesus condemns it; Jesus condemns adultery because it is blatantly wrong. Religion does not manufacture right and wrong; religion recognizes right and wrong as it exists in nature and then wisely warns society of the danger.

All citizens, believers and non-believers, should recoil from the horror of abortion which strikes humankind at its most innocent and vulnerable stage of life.

The Rev. John A. Kiley