Community garden changes hands

Community garden changes hands

LINCOLN – There’s hope for a 2019 growing season at Lincoln’s Community Garden.

One year after the council signed control of the town’s community garden over to the Conservation Commission, the decision was revoked on Tuesday, with powers over the garden instead being directed to the town administrator. Supervision and control of the garden will now likely fall to the Highway Department, or its Parks and Recreation division more specifically.

“It seems like this might be the better way to keep the garden accessible to people and keep it open longer,” said Councilor Ken Pichette. Councilor Bruce Ogni added, “I think we’ll have much better control.”

The council put forth a March 2018 resolution to reorganize the garden “to resolve disputes that arose among the gardening membership over the management, operation and oversight of the garden.”

Since then, gardeners have clashed with members of the Conservation Commission over the rules the volunteer board attempted to impose. The chairman of the commission, Dan Flynn, resigned from his position last month.

During Tuesday’s meeting, Councilor Arthur Russo asked Almond to take into consideration some of the rules and regulations the commission tried to implement.

“I know members of the commission worked very diligently, I hate to see their efforts go to waste,” he said.