Unidentified middle schooler charged following school threat

Unidentified middle schooler charged following school threat

SCITUATE – An unidentified middle school student has been criminally charged following an investigation into rumors of a school shooting that sent Scituate Middle and High School into shelter in place on Wednesday, according to a statement from Scituate Police Chief Donald Delaere.

The investigation was lead by Scituate Police Department's Juvenile Services Division.

According to a statement posted on the Scituate Police Department's Facebook page, the student charged is responsible for Wednesday's shooting threat, which arose from a false rumor started by a student.

Supt. Lawrence Filippelli said that the rumor was relayed to parents and eventually brought to the attention of the Scituate Middle School Wednesday morning. It triggered a perimeter around the school and a search conducted by the Rhode Island State Police SWAT team, Coventry Police Department, and Scituate's own officers.

"As of now, there is NO evidence to believe that there was an imminent threat to any Scituate student," the statement read.

Until school lets out for summer on Tuesday, the Scituate Police Department, in conjunction with the Rhode Island State Police, will continue to maintain a presence during arrival and departure times at all Scituate schools.