Pawtucket Red Sox donation not the answer for North Providence

Pawtucket Red Sox donation not the answer for North Providence

I’m writing in response to a few recent news stories. For months there have been constant news stories about the feud between Mayor Charles Lombardi, the Town Council, and the North Providence Senior Center.

Around a month or two ago, I read that our North Providence Police Department isn’t properly trained, or accredited, and allegedly has been mishandling evidence for many years. Not directly mentioned in that story was the fact that our Police Department hadn’t actually had an official chief of police, and instead has been relying upon a series of acting chiefs since former Chief of Police John Whiting was led out of the police headquarters in handcuffs way back in 2011.

Recently, I read about how this year’s Memorial Day holiday was an appalling embarrassment in North Providence because of how totally neglected all of our North Providence cemeteries have been for way too many years. Fortunately, Mayor Lombardi appears to know how to solve everything. According to Lombardi, the miracle cure for everything which is wrong in North Providence is for the State of Rhode Island to give tens of millions of dollars worth of corporate welfare to billionaire team owners so they can build a new minor league baseball stadium in Pawtucket.

It’s rather unfortunate that our next mayoral election, here in North Providence, isn’t until 2020, because it appears that North Providence could really benefit from having a new mayor far sooner than that.

Michael J. Rollins

North Providence